Approval Requests

for teams and their clients

On-the-Record Approvals

Approval requests and confirmations are recorded automatically.

Actionable via Email

Approvals are delivered to clients via email and can be confirmed from the inbox.

Attract Client Engagement

Clients can easily participate via email with feedback and approval confirmation.

Track Late Approvals

Approval due dates eliminate clients from slowing down projects.

1.) Draft Approval

Effortlessly draft approvals and deliver to clients when ready

  • Due Dates show your client that they can cause a project to slip.
  • Add attachments via Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Preview approvals before sending
  • Send to multiple client recipients
draft approval
approval in email

2.) Send to client

Approval requests delivered to your client's inbox

  • 1-click approval confirmations from the client's inbox
  • Client don't need an account or password
  • Full approval delivered via email with the option to view in browser
  • Client has questions or comments? Replying to the email starts a thread

3.) Client approves

Clients can approve your request directly from their inbox

  • Simple single page confirms the client's approval
  • Option to view and confirm the approval in browser
  • You are notified when your clients confirm approvals
approval given
track approvals

4.) Track and Be Notified

Know when approvals are confirmed or late

  • Track all approvals across projects and clients in a single view
  • View recent activity and other stats for approvals and their threads
  • Filter down to the approvals that need your attention